Plastic Containers or bins are available in a variety of sizes and colours and are the perfect answer for storing and segregating small parts.

They are ideal for an engineers stores or for a parts department, allowing each product to be segregated, visible and easily picked.

The most efficient way for storing these containers is mounted onto a louvred panel which can be free standing, as shown below.

Plastic Containers

Or wall mounted:

Wall mounted Plastic Containers

Or on a free standing bench unit:

Plastic containers on a free standing bench unit

If necessary, some containers can be further subdivided, with each section being labelled for identification:

Plastic containers

Containers can also be stacked on top of each other:

Plastic containers

If it is important for the parts to remain dust free, containers or drawers can be located within a small cabinet. These cabinets can simply sit on a shelf or can be built into a larger revolving carousel unit which can provide a very efficient way of storing and picking thousands of small items.

Plastic containers

Plastic containers give high density, flexible and highly visible storage for all types of small to medium sized items and are ideal for any busy parts operation.

Plastic containers

We have only shown images of a small proportion of the sizes and types of container available.

If you have a specific requirement, or are not sure what would work for you, please contact Total Storage Systems. We will work with you and advise on what we have seen work for others.