• Your racking can carry some very heavy weights, often high off the ground
  • Your fork truck is very heavy
  • Racking is not designed to take a heavy sideways impact.

Rack Safety Checks

The result of a poor fork truck driver can be damaged racking which is a danger to anyone close by.

Rack Safety Checks

However, smaller impacts may not have such obvious visual signs of damage. The less obvious damage may well be just as dangerous if the integrity of the racking is compromised.

Rack Safety Checks

It is now widely recognised that racking should be checked on a regular basis.

Total Storage Systems engage an industry professional (no, not the model in the picture) to carry out rack safety checks following the guidelines of SEMA and FEM.

With over 40 years experience working with Pallet Racking, our inspector is familiar with all UK and European manufactured products and many of the products imported from the far East.

We will provide a simple report which is clear, precise and jargon free. It will advise on:

  • Any damaged components which should be replaced immediately
  • Issues which should be addressed with the next month.
  • Areas of minor damage which should be watched and monitored on a regular basis.
  • General housekeeping matters