Steel Partitioning is a cost effective method of dividing up an area to provide secure areas and offices.

Mesh partitioning is ideal if security is required along with visibility and air circulation. Access into each section can be through a single or double or sliding door. The most common and economical mesh size is 50mm x 50mm. 25mm x 25mm mesh can provide a higher level of security.

Steel Partitioning

Solid steel partitioning, with or without glazing can also give extra security – to a stores area below.

For economy the steel can be a single skin.

Single skin steel partitioning

However, for a busy office a double skin can retain the heat and reduce the noise levels. A combination of glazed and solid partitioning can provide the right mix of visibility and security.

Steel partitioning

Your supervisors will appeciate an enclosed working space in which the temperatures and noise levels can be controlled.

Steel partitioning on a mezzanine floor

All partitioning systems are of a modular design, with standard panels ranging from 1000mm wide to 1200mm wide. This allows a bespoke design to be built from standard components reducing the costs and lead time.